Muscle NH2 Lean Whey XP- 1kg


Lean Whey XP is a sports nutrition product with high protein content (68%).

Lean Whey XP is a compelling blend of universal premium ingredients each with its proposed mechanism of action.
We believe we have chosen a complex list of thermogenic enhancing ingredients to complement our lean protein blend, assisting as a lean dietary product as well as assuring the maintenance of skeletal muscle tissue to help assist in general health.

This product is best suited for individuals planning on staying within a controlled healthy diet regime

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Serving Size: 25g (1 level scoop)
Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per 25g Serving Per 100g
Energy/Kcal 380/91 1528/365
Fat 1.5g 6.1g
(of which saturates) 0.4g 1.6g
Carbohydrates 3g 12g
(of which sugars) 1.3g 5g
Fibre 0.8g 3g
Protein 17g 68g
Salt 0.16g 0.63g
EAAs (lysine, alanine, histidine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan) 3g 12g
BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) 2.2g 8.8g
Flaxseed Powder 750mg 3000mg
(of which flaxseed oil) 300mg 1200mg
Conjugated Linoleic acid powder 375mg 1500mg
(of which conjugated linoleic acid) 250mg 400mg
Acai Berry Extract 100mg 400mg
Green Tea Extract 100mg 400mg


Whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, skimmed milk powder (milk). glycine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, lean support blend, CLA powder, green tea extract, flaxseed powder, acai berry extract, flavouring, colour, and sweetener (sucralose). *The BCAA and EAA content on Lean Whey XP is naturally derived.


Mix 1 scoop with 250ml of chilled water. For a thicker shake, milk can be used as a replacement for water. Consume within 15 minutes of mixing the powder with the liquid.

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